Safe Keeping

Heat waves or hurricanes. Unpredictable power grid issues. Hostile hackers and their anonymous armies of “bots.” Even unanticipated organizational changes or aging hardware. When it comes to your business’s most valuable resource, its data, there’s no shortage of formidable threats. Some you’ve worried about. Some you may not have even considered. All present real dangers to your business. Fortunately, there’s one reassuring defense against them all, Data Holdings, the Midwest’s premier data center organization. Our cutting-edge facilities were built from the ground up with one purpose in mind, to protect your company’s mission critical applications and data. That security starts with our flagship location. Its site in the Midwest was selected for the region’s fair climate and plentiful natural resources, providing a crucial backdrop of safety and sustainability. Then there’s our data centers themselves. In addition to their impressive physical security measures, they were designed with redundancy in mind to ensure the continuous operation of all critical systems, regardless of weather and other external variables. And our experienced team actively engages with our customers when the pressure’s on, to preserve normal business operations. It’s a rough world out there. Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your company’s valuable data is protected, at Data Holdings.

purpose-driven, purpose-built

Our Flagship Facility

Our Advantages

Location, location, location
Business Continuity
Redundancy that’s twice as strong
Not our first rodeo
A different type of cloud

sustainability that provides a competitive advantage


83% of C-suite executives and investment professionals believe that ESG programs will generate more shareholder value in five years’ time than they do today.

* McKinsey Global Survey


Companies with high ratings for ESG performance enjoyed an average operating margin 3.7 times higher than those of lower ESG performers.

* Accenture


Shareholders receive higher annual total returns outperforming poorer ESG performers by 2.6%.

* Accenture

“We particularly appreciate their responsiveness. It feels like working with a small business while they are a robust Tier 3+ datacenter.”

VP of Technology - Financial Services Company