Industry 4.0 – How Data Holdings Can Help You

by Data Holdings

Industry 4.0 is all about improving manufacturing capability and efficiency by shortening downtimes, improving quality, optimizing processes, and other measures. Most of these advances are made possible by monitoring data gathered from the manufacturing floor.

Data Holdings has unique experience with IoT, CI/CD infrastructure tools, network security, and software creation. This experience, layered on top of our owned and operated physical infrastructure, gives us a unique window into how a manufacturer can capture their data to realize their Industry 4.0 dreams.

There’s lots of talk about “Edge” data centers, and how Industry 4.0 needs more, small edge data centers close to manufacturing centers. Edge facility must be located within a ten-millisecond round-trip range of a factory or other business. Over a reputable fiber-optic network, ten milliseconds equate to around 200 miles. Existing Wisconsin commercial data centers are perfectly capable of serving the majority of Wisconsin, and most manufacturers outside of that range are covered by Minneapolis facilities.

Industry 4.0 requires that a data center is within a 10-millisecond round-trip range of a factory. The round-trip for a reputable fiber carrier from Downtown Chicago to Data Holdings in Milwaukee, for example, a driving distance of about 96 miles, is about five milliseconds.

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