Virtual machines

VMs are available on top of a KVM hypervisor. We offer support for many different
operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Free/Net/OpenBSD, and SmartOS.

  • Undersubscribed to no more than 80% load
  • Compatible with VMware, Hyper-V, etc.
  • Built with high IOPS for high performance enterprise loads

** Standard VM Includes: 50GB boot drive, private networking, and no variable charges.
** Compatible with Windows Server 2008 or greater, Linux 2.4 and other operating systems.

Financial differentiators vs. enterprise-operated private cloud

  • Cloud model is purely OPEX delivering accounting advantages
  • No hardware refresh costs, allowing ability to meet IT budget objectives
  • No expensive hardware maintenance costs
  • No hypervisor costs with our standard platform
  • Current and future application flexibility thanks to freedom from vendor lock-in

Advantages over large public cloud services providers

  • Significantly improved pricing over Public Cloud Services
  • Mission-critical, data intensive applications run more efficiently thanks to low latency and proximity to customer location
  • Technical assistance in real-time from local experts

Superior performance at a lower cost

  • Predictable, consistent pricing, calculated by element (number of cores and amount of RAM), not by transaction/bandwidth.
  • Under-subscribed resources eliminates competition for processing capacity.
  • High IOPS platform designed specifically to reduce transaction time
  • SLA-driven, built for enterprise applications, not simply “best effort”
  • Tier III+ host data centers deliver substantial physical redundancy benefits