Not all Data Centers are created equal

Although many data centers may look alike and make similar claims, they’re not the same. The best are purpose-built, allowing for greater resilience and optimal sustainability. Repurposed or retrofitted buildings are more prone to outages and are considerably less operationally efficient.

Know what’s important

It’s important to know what to look for when selecting a colocation provider and touring data center facilities. The best data centers deliver system redundancy (power, UPS, cooling, etc.) and a secure, flexible foundation to deploy and manage your core business infrastructure. A provider must be able to prove to you that they have the capacity and flexibility to allow you to grow.

For all practical purposes

Our data centers are equipped with ultra-reliable infrastructure and numerous regional and national carriers.

Data Holdings in Milwaukee is a purpose-built Tier III+ data center incorporating fault tolerant (Tier IV) electrical attributes with concurrently maintainable (Tier III) cooling. The data center provides 3 discrete power sources (2N + 1) with 2 active/active power feeds to the rack equipment at all times. The data center is monitored 24 • 7 • 365 through a BAS (Building Automation System), and remains staffed 24 • 7 • 365 through our NOC (Network Operation Center) and SOC (Security Operations Center).

Located in the city’s Downtown area, T5@Minneapolis is also a purpose-built, Tier III+ data center. It is fault-tolerant with multiple diverse power sources and concurrently maintainable cooling systems with 24 • 7 • 365 security and biometric access systems.