The Cloud

The Silver Lining

Migration to the cloud should improve both physical and digital security and enhance service availability with network and power redundancy. All that sounds expensive, but when you calculate the money you spend on hardware, lost orders from not having enough capacity, lost profit from service outages, poor internal and external user experiences, and the cost of paying someone to maintain your hardware, migrating to the cloud will almost certainly save you money!

Think about Software

The biggest IT cost you will incur is for the application software that runs your business. Why run expensive software on inferior hardware? The exact same software, running on Data Holdings’ cloud hardware, will run many times faster, processing more orders, satisfying many times more customers, and making a greater return on your software investment.

Elastic Resources

The Data Holdings cloud makes scaling resources up or down for busy or slow times simple. Why pay for extra capacity you don’t need for most of the year? Resources on demand is such an easy thing to live with.

Reduce Operational Friction

Hosting your own applications is outdated. Most companies already outsource email, file sharing and CRMs, so why are you still in the IT business? Self-hosting makes your business less efficient, which costs more money. Our storage I/O is much faster than yours, with full service hardware management, to deliver your money’s worth.

Why The Data Holdings Cloud?

Better than big cloud companies because:

  • Real, local support, 24 • 7 • 365 for when the pressure’s on
  • Same services you need and use, but local
  • Under-subscribe our resources
  • Predictable resource-based pricing
  • Local proximity for lower latency
  • Super-fast SSD I/O
  • No finger-pointing