Bare Metal

Land of Opportunity

There is a trend towards running bare metal servers in local colocation centers. Not every city is blessed with resilient, high-uptime facilities, but Milwaukee and Minneapolis are, so opportunity knocks.

The UPside of Colocation

Colocation centers deliver levels of security and uptime that most businesses can’t come close to themselves. And by forging a close relationship with a local colocation provider, it’s possible to negotiate the ebbs and flows of seasonality, enjoying efficient workloads with next-door-like performance.

Access to Performance

Low-friction deployment and seamless scaling of bare metal infrastructure provides a precious advantage that public clouds and on-premises data centers just can’t match.

In a security-centric world, applications traditionally ran in virtual machines, with the VMs hosted on bare metal. This isolated workloads and eased workload migration from one server to another. However, this led to questionable performance due to the VMs not being easily able to access the physical hardware. Bare metal colocation, though, resolves this conundrum by removing the hypervisor from the equation and having workloads able to access the underlying horse-power of the servers.

Doing this directly allows greater flexibility by removing dependence on a third party that may have questionable customer support services by working with a local source that provides highly desirable control, security, speed, and scalability.

Safe and Sound

For the typically high-value workloads that need to run on bare metal, it’s a relief to manage that first-hand with a local colocation partner that delivers scalable physical tools that are too expensive to provide yourself.