Business Continuity

Our Business Continuity Service keeps your data in our world-class facilities, that are always 100% available thanks to three distinct and diverse power sources, and diverse, carrier-redundant, huge Internet pipes.

Keep copies of your data locally

• What you should know: National cloud backup services take days to restore your data.
• How we make a difference: Because we’re local we can download your data over a secure network connection in minutes or hand-deliver it on a hard drive to your door.

We guarantee no one else can look at your data or mine it for intelligence they can sell to someone else, unlike the big cloud companies.

We test your Disaster Recovery plans, with your active participation, twice a year so you are ready to respond if someone tries to hold your business hostage.

Advantages of working with us are:

• Locally-based expert technical support to help you when the pressure’s on
• Predictable and affordable monthly pricing
• Much faster restoration of services
• Know exactly where your data resides and who is in control of it