Container Hosting

Why Containers?

Modern computing demands flexibility, speed, and simplicity, which is the reason why containers have enjoyed a surge in popularity. They help speed up development, can rapidly scale up or down, and, crucially, keep the associated costs of licensing down.

For those that haven’t heard of containers, think of them as individual boxes full of code that define an application and all of its files and configurations. Those boxes can easily be moved around from development to testing and into production without making long-term commitments until the application is ready to launch.

As a result, in a hybrid cloud environment, Data Holdings’ customers are able to take advantage of a fluid compute environment, while enjoying the benefits of high performance local hardware delivering zero latency.


• Automated deployments on container build and easy integration with existing CI/CD tools
• Private Cloud registry hosting and management
• Test / Development / Production container hosting
• Hybrid Cloud approach within the Data Holdings Cloud